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Pawn Dream Meanings

What does Pawn mean in dream?

Pawn | Dream Meanings

(Collateral; Deposit; Hostage; Mortgage; Security) In a dream, a pawn represents goods that are deposited to secure a loan, or it could mean changes in one’s life for the better.

To deposit something valuable as a security for something worthless in a dream means falling in love with an insolent man who will abuse the woman, take advantage of her, or use her for his own interests. Signing a collateral in a dream also represents the lack of trust between the lender and the borrower. Otherwise, a security deposit may denote a journey. (Also see Deposit; Hostage)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Financial stress; research details for clarity

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
If in your dreams you enter a pawn-shop, you will find disappointments and losses in your waking moments.

To pawn articles, you will have unpleasant scenes with your wife or sweetheart, and perhaps disappointments in business.

For a woman to go to a pawn-shop, denotes that she is guilty of indiscretions, and she is likely to regret the loss of a friend.

To redeem an article, denotes that you will regain lost positions.

To dream that you see a pawn-shop, denotes you are negligent of your trust and are in danger of sacrificing your honorable name in some salacious affair.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1- Dreaming of a pawn-shop can indicate that we arc not being sufficiently careful with the resources, whether material or emotional, that we possess. We may be taking risks which we need to consider more carefullv.

2- We are aware that certain attributes and characteristics we have are being appropriated by- other people, leaving us with nothing of value.

3- Spiritually, a pawn-shop may represent an inappropriate use of the resources that we have. We may not be creating a correct exchange of energy.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary by
A dream of poverty, losses and disappointments (Gypsy).

The Fabric of Dream by
This dream certainly foretells heavy losses and disappointments. Your sweetheart will prove unfaithful; or if you are married, some indiscreet action of your partner will cause great trouble.

Mystic Dream Book by
1. Indicates a poor use or misuse of resources.

2. Reverse: fortunes will improve with prudent actions.

3. A sense of loss, possibly of a friend.

New American Dream Dictionary by
Seeing yourself pawn your property in a dream is symbolic of the path to poverty, Ps. 109:11 NLT

Christian Dream Symbols by
You are going to be exchanging one set of problems for another.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
When a person dreams of pawning any article it is a sign that he or she will have quarrels with a sweetheart or misfortune in business.

The Complete Dream Book by
Vision: Walking into a pawnshop means financial difficulties lie ahead. Be frugal and watch your expenses. Working in or owning a pawnshop: you’re getting drawn into other people’s problems.

Dreamers Dictionary by
To sell your belongings at a pawn shop in a dream represents a depletion of energy. You may feel that you have nowhere to go and are running out of options. Alternatively, to give your things to a pawn shop may feel liberating and indicate your wish to let go of emotional baggage.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
Dreams of a pawnshop represent that you are willing to lower your standards and trade yourself for less than you know you are worth.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
See “fishing” and “egg”

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