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Pastry Dream Meanings

What does Pastry mean in dream?

Pastry | Dream Meanings

To dream of pastry, denotes that you will be deceived by some artful person.

To eat it, implies heartfelt friendships.

If a young woman dreams that she is cooking it, she will fail to deceive others as to her real intentions. See Pies.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1. The sweetness of life, fleeting pleasures and sensuality.

2. Beware of frivolity in business or financial matters.

3. Upcom­ing important matters need attention.

New American Dream Dictionary by
(Baklava; Blintz; Pie; Strudel; Tart) In a dream, pastries represent enjoyable earnings. (Also see Seasonal sweets; Sweets)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
See Eating / Drinking.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
To dream of a pastry symbolizes extravagance, sensual bliss, and fulfillment. You are enjoying life and benefiting from its rewards.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
See PANCAKE. This is a very similar dream, and is a warning that you should move carefully, both in business and in love affairs.

Mystic Dream Book by
To see or eat a pastry in your dream, refers to indulgence, sensual pleasure and satisfaction. You are enjoying life and reaping its rewards.

My Dream Interpretation by
(See Sweets)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
(See Seasonal sweets; Sweets; Sweets maker)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by