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Password Dream Meanings

What does Password mean in dream?

Password | Dream Meanings

To dream of a password, foretells you will have influential aid in some slight trouble soon to attack you.

For a woman to dream that she has given away the password, signifies she will endanger her own standing through seeking frivolous or illicit desires.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
The word or expression that is needed for one to pass the test set before them

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
1. Self, inner self, private feelings.

2. A feeling of social awkwardness, of not knowing what is going on (to forget a password).

3. To give in to questionable pursuits and desires (to give away a password).

New American Dream Dictionary by
See Pass.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
If you dream of having the correct password, then you realize that you have access and permission to get what you want and need in life. You are in on the secret and in control. Consider the numbers and/or letters to decode the deeper significance of this symbol. See Number.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
If you knew the password for something in your dream, you will encounter scandals and intrigue among those you have trusted.

If you can’t remember the password for something, you may need the help of family or friends to sort out a personal matter.

To share a password with other people in your dream is a sign that you will have to defend yourself against gossip.

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