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Passion Temper Dream Meanings

What does Passion Temper mean in dream?

Passion Or Temper | Dream Meanings

(See Mercy)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
An abnormally bad tempered person; see “dog”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
To dream of being intemperate in the use of your intellectual forces, you will seek after foolish knowledge fail to benefit yourself, and give pain and displeasure to your friends.

If you are intemperate in love, or other passions, you will reap disease or loss of fortune and esteem.

For a young woman to thus dream, she will lose a lover and incur the displeasure of close friends.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
(See Drunkenness).

A dream of intemperance in any form, whether in love, liquor or loose living, foretells that Lovers will be separated through a quarrel that cannot be patched up.

The Complete Dream Book by
(Desire) In a dream, to fulfill a desire with great passion denotes the actions of the dwellers of hell-fire. (Also see Desire)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
To dream of this flower signifies sacrifice and sorrow.

Mystic Dream Book by
Passion fruit in a dream symbolizes fertility and spiritual energy.

To drink passion fruit juice in a dream is to take on additional spiritual and fertile powers. You may be mentally preparing yourself for a difficult path ahead.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
It is a warning of trouble, generally domestic, to lose your Temper in a dream.

Mystic Dream Book by
A warning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
interpreted upon 6 sides: glory, honor, child, friend, good words, assembly of knowledge, knowing, remembrance & beauty.

Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik by
The intensity of one’s comfort or discomfort in a given situation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
(see Fire, Health, Ice, Snow, Sun)

Blisteringly hot: A similarly heated situation exists in the waking hours, from which you need to protect yourself or you will get hurt.

Frigid: Emotional apathy or distance. Whether this pertains to you or someone else will become more clear by examining the rest of the dream.

Warmth: Kindness, compassion, friendship, and other warm feelings that are not forced or coerced.

Lukewarm: Indifference or nonchalance with regard to a specific person, situation, activity, or goal.

The Language of Dreams by