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What does Parting mean in dream?

Parting | Dream Meanings

Example: ‘I was leaving some people, like at a junior school. Some of the children tried to detain me, with the attitude that I was defying teacher’s authority, and they restrained me with the rules they restrained themselves with. I broke free and walked off’ (Timothy). As in the example, a breaking away from old or habitual patterns of behaviour, leaving a situation, such as a relationship, a financial set-up or work; the struggle to become independent as in leaving home. Sometimes desire to get away from responsibility or difficul­ties. Can also refer to death, perhaps when we see a spouse walking away from us, or departing on a journey. This is not necessarily a prediction, but confronting the situation. Idioms: new departure, the departed (dead); leave in the lurch; leave someone to it, left holding the baby.

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also see Journey

1- To be departing from a known situation such as leaving home indicates a breaking away from old or habitual patterns of behaviour. We may need to give ourselves the freedom to be independent.

2- We may have a strong desire to get away from responsibility or difficulties, but must be careful how we handle it.

3- Conscious rejection of the past can be represented by departure in a dream.

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See journey and leave / leaving

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Recognizing that there is a part of something rather than a whole signifies that spiritually we have not seen the whole picture. Parting suggests division, as in the parting of the waters.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: When in dreams it strikes us that we can only see part of something it is the unseen part that needs careful consideration.

A parting in the hair signifies a duality in our nature. Parting from a dear friend suggests there may be some difficulty to overcome in that relationship.

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Material aspects: When an object or drawing is divided into parts we can decide to break an everyday task into its various components to help us succeed.

The number of parts may be significant.

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To dream of parting with friends and companions, denotes that many little vexations will come into your daily life.

If you part with enemies, it is a sign of success in love and business.

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1. Unease and discomfort, as if things are falling apart.

2. Annoyances get to be a little too much.

3. Reverse: success and joy (to part with a spouse).

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(See Forsaking).

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