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Palmistry Dream Meanings

What does Palmistry mean in dream?

Palmistry | Dream Meanings

For a young woman to dream of palmistry, foretells she will be the object of suspicion.

If she has her palms read, she will have many friends of the opposite sex, but her own sex will condemn her.

If she reads others’ hands, she will gain distinction by her intelligent bearing.

If a minister’s hand, she will need friends, even in her elevation.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1. The future is good and prosperous.

2. A feeling that goals and ambitions will be achieved.

3. Reputation grows suspect.

New American Dream Dictionary by
If you dream of having your palms read then you are in danger of becoming an object of suspicion and ridicule over some matter that you may have gossiped about.

If you are the palm reader you will gain distinction through your hard work.

Encyclopedia of Dreams by