Dream Interpretation Pajamas | What does the Pajamas symbol mean? | Seeing Pajamas in Dream

Pajamas Dream Meanings

What does Pajamas mean in dream?

Pajamas | Dream Meanings

Concerns one’s home life; pants represent authority

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Being in public in your pajamas may mention that you are walking in the world asleep or unconscious regarding some important, real situation. It may represent the desire and readiness to get some rest.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
Dreams of wearing your pajamas in a social situation suggests that you are revealing a secret and personal aspect of yourself, or that you are afraid of exposure. Alternatively, this dream could also represent that you are comfortable, intimate and well-integrated in your current life circumstance. Consider the feeling ton. See Naked and Lingerie.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
If you dream of being in your pajamas, you might be coming down with a cold.

To see others in their pajamas in your dream, signifies that you will hear unpleasant news from absent friends.

My Dream Interpretation by