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Oysters Dream Meanings

What does Oysters mean in dream?

Oysters | Dream Meanings

If you dream that you eat oysters, it denotes that you will lose all sense of propriety and morality in your pursuit of low pleasures, and the indulgence of an insatiate thirst for gaining.

To deal in oysters, denotes that you will not be over-modest in your mode of winning a sweetheart, or a fortune.

To see them, denotes easy circumstances, and many children are promised you.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1. Wisdom.

2. Caution.

3. Danger.

New American Dream Dictionary by
”To dream of opening and eating oysters shows great hunger, or a living earned through pains and difficulty.” Artemidorus.

The Fabric of Dream by
Luxury, social advancement. Desire for material excess. According to classical depth psychology a symbol of female sexuality, and often seen as an aphrodisiac.

Folklore: Troubles.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
See Eating / Drinking

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
To dream of opening oysters shows great hunger, which the party dreaming shall suddenly sustain; or else that he shall take pains for bis living, as they do that open oysters.

The Complete Dream Book by
The buying and selling of oysters is an indication that you must guard the manner of your approach in attempting to win a wife or husband. This applies equally well in the attempt to make a fortune.

The Complete Dream Book by
To dream of consuming oysters is closely associated with sexual drive and pleasures. This further represents your immorality and lack of good judgment and determined will to achieve worldly pleasures and extravagance.

The sight of an oyster in your dream stands for loveliness, modesty, wealth, knowledge, and a relaxed ambiance. It also connotes the likelihood of keeping to yourself. Seeing oyster shells in your dream foretells of disappointments in your pursuit of other people’s fortunes.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
To dream of eating Oysters is a sign that you have hard work in front of you, and that you will need courage if you are to succeed. But in love affairs, it promises happiness if you are patient.

Mystic Dream Book by
A dream that you are eating oysters indicates a tremendous desire to attain money and social status.

Psycho Dream Interpretation by