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Oxen Dream Meanings

What does Oxen mean in dream?

Oxen | Dream Meanings

Seeing a herd of oxen entering a locality or house while such oxen have no owners means that the people of that locality or house will be afflicted with some disease or plague. This is more true if the oxen are of variable colours or specifically red or yellow.

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He will become a manager of the financial affairs of a people.

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An ox in a dream signifies the yoke of obedience; a pair of fat oxen predicts a year of plenty, lean oxen threaten scarcity and famine. Oxen plowing a field presage gain and plenty (Artemidorus). See Pharaoh’s dream of the kine.

The ox symbolized patience, strength and sacrifice, in Christian art.

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To see an ox or a yoke of oxen signifies that you will have a hard life with little reward for your pains.

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The ox in dreams signifies a profitable servant to his master, and shows the subject shall be brought under the yoke of obedience, If a man dreams th&L he sees fat oxen, it denotes a year of plenty; but if they be poor and Jean, it threatens a year of scarcity and famine.

To dream you see oxen plowing in the ¿eld is gain.

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Good fortune is foretold by a dream of well- conditioned oxen at work on the road or in the field.

To dream of driving a yoke of osen means that you will make a success of any new enterprise in which you may embark.

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To dream that you see a herd of Oxen is a very fortunate sign ; your affairs will prosper.

If they are grazing peacefully, your speculations or investments should be watched, as they should show signs of favourable development. Buy and sell shares carefully. See COW.

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