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Overalls Dream Meanings

What does Overalls mean in dream?

Overalls | Dream Meanings


New American Dream Dictionary

1. Preparing to take on a task or address problems.

2. Need or desire for “blue collar” job or manual labor.

3. Trying to hide or “cover up” faults or shortcomings.

4. Desire to return to a simpler way of life.


The Complete Dream Book

Infidelity is suggested to a woman who dreams of seeing a man in overalls.

For her to dream of wearing them herself, portends a future with the man she loves for his sterling character rather than his ability to provide her with luxuries.


The Complete Dream Book

It is a forerunner of general luck if you dream of wearing overalls.


Mystic Dream Book

To dream of working in an Overall, you will be well repaid for a small kindness.

To tear it, means ill-luck.


My Dream Interpretation

To dream of overalls symbolizes how you go about getting what you want.

If the overalls were torn or dirty, you need to take a more logical (and less emotional) approach to your problems.

If they were tight or small on you, you may feel suffocated in a relationship - speak up.

If they were too big, you are lacking confidence. Perhaps you have been placed in a role you are not ready for.

If you dreamed of seeing someone else wearing overalls, you are concerned about your social status, and how you present yourself to the world.