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Optician Dream Meanings

What does Optician mean in dream?

Optician | Dream Meanings

Take another look at one’s interpretation of something.

New American Dream Dictionary by
Clear insight and objectivity are suggested.

The way you see things is being questioned. See Eyeglasses, Eye.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
1- To be visiting an optician in a dream probably indicates that we do not feel we can see a situation clearly we need assistance. It may also indicate that we need to develop a new way of looking at things.

2- The optician in a dream may suggest that we need to understand the skill of seeing. This may also signify clairvoyance.

3- This dream indicates our ability to enhance our perceptions.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary by
If you dream of getting glasses from an optician, the augury is of a sea trip in the company of someone whom you do not know.

The Complete Dream Book by
To dream of buying Spectacles means that you have not seen a good chance until it has gone by.

Mystic Dream Book by
A dream of going to an optician is telling you that you need to stop complaining and make a bigger personal effort, in order to avoid a loss of social status.

My Dream Interpretation by