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Narcissus Dream Meanings

What does Narcissus mean in dream?

Narcissus | Dream Meanings


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Flower representative of one who is self-gratifying


New American Dream Dictionary

1. A fortunate omen regarding money matters.

2. A high regard for self, self-image, vanity.

3. Wordplay on narcissistic behavior or individual.


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(bot.) In a dream, a narcissus flower represents a woman.

A garland of narcissus in a dream represents a short lived marriage.

If an unmarried woman sees herself carrying a coronet of narcissus in a dream, it means a short lived marriage that will end either in divorce or in the death of her husband. Blooming narcissus in a dream represents a son.

A bouquet of narcissus in a dream means the death of a son. Seeing the narcissus flower in a dream also means happiness, money, gold, or silver.

The narcissus flower in a dream also signifies longevity or gray hair. (Also see Distilled water)


Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of a narcissus implies excessive pride in your appearance. This may also be a representation of a narcissistic person in one’s life. Dreaming of narcissus likewise symbolizes great love.


Mystic Dream Book

A happy future is certain for those who dream of these beautiful early flowers. But the luck will be lessened if you dream that they are indoors, in pots, or cut and in a bowl.

For the best result they should be growing in a garden.


Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

[plant] (includes Daffodil) : friend. And whoever sees himself smelling a narcissus [flower], then he will become popular, for / through kindness & good. And if he sees a lot of narcissus on the earth then it indicates an increase of his family.