Dream Interpretation Muscle | What does the Muscle symbol mean? | Seeing Muscle in Dream

Muscle Dream Meanings

What does Muscle mean in dream?

Muscle | Dream Meanings


My Dream Interpretation

To dream about your abs is a message that you should trust your gut. Your dream is telling you to follow your instincts more when it comes to dealing with real life situations.

If you dream of having sore abs, you may be feeling frustrated or emotional about something to do with your social life.


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of seeing your muscle well developed, you will have strange encounters with enemies, but you will succeed in surmounting their evil works, and gain fortune.

If they are shrunken, your inability to succeed in your affairs is portended.

For a woman, this dream is prophetic of toil and hardships.


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of muscle symbolize force, machismo, potency, bravado, health, strength, confidence, adequacy and masculinity. You are becoming masterful in a particular area; showing outward signs of progress for your efforts.


Christian Dream Symbols

To dream of being muscular in a dream may be symbolic of spiritual strength, Matt. 12:29 NLT


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

One’s strength, therefore confidence and sense of adequacy, sense of being outwardly forceful; masculinity in its physical side. Also may refer to physical muscle.


My Dream Interpretation

To see muscles in your dream, symbolizes power and strength. You need to develop these qualities and become a more stronger and confident person.

To dream of a muscleman showing off his muscles indicates frustration in regard to your social ambitions.

If you dream of muscle pain or spasms, this represents emotional upsets in your life.


Islamic Dream Interpretation

They represent all that links a man with his affairs, honour and dignity.