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What does Mining mean in dream?

Mining | Dream Meanings

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Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To see mining in your dreams, denotes that an enemy is seeking your ruin by bringing up past immoralities in your life. You will be likely to make unpleasant journeys, if you stand near the mine.

If you dream of hunting for mines, you will engage in worthless pursuits. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

New American Dream Dictionary

1. Sexual interaction.

2. One is in the middle of doing something risky to achieve a certain end. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of earthly treasures, Job 28:2 NLT ... Christian Dream Symbols

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of mining implies that an adversary is attempting to defame you by dredging up old transgressions.

If you remain close to this mine, you will be facing many hardships and disappointments.

If you dream of hunting for mines, you are embarking down a dead end path that will not help you achieve your goals.... Dream Symbols and Analysis