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Midwife Dream Meanings

What does Midwife mean in dream?

Midwife | Dream Meanings


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To see a midwife in your dreams, signifies unfortunate sickness with a narrow escape from death.

For a young woman to dream of such a person, foretells that distress and calumny will attend her.


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

One who helps another to birth their “new beginning”; see “baby”


New American Dream Dictionary

1. One needs someone involved who can make two parties come together.

2. One wants to become pregnant.


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Accoucheuse) In a dream, a midwife means revealing hidden secrets that when unveiled, they will cause injuries or death. Seeing a midwife in a dream also denotes good advice. Seeing her in a dream also indicates walking through adversities, reaching peace, initiating fascination, or she could represent trials, evil, crying, or paying a fine. (Also see Dromedary rider)


The Fabric of Dream

A dream denoting revelation of secrets and hurt thereby (Artemidorus).


Little Giant Encyclopedia

Wishing for a child or fear of pregnancy. Desire to bring something to light or fear of its coming to light.

A new phase in your life.

A new idea or new behavior needs help in order to be accepted.


The Complete Dream Book

To dream you see a midwife is a revealing of secrets, and signifies hurt. It is death to the sick, for she always pulleth out that which is contained from her which containeth it, and iayeth it on the ground.

To those which are kept by force.

To dream of a midwife signifies liberty.

If a woman that is not with child drcameth of seeing her, it fore-showeth she will have a fit of sickness, of long continuance.


Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing a midwife: a long-held secret is going to be revealed. Speaking to a midwife: celebrating a baptism or you will watch the birth of a child. Being examined by a midwife: you have a bad conscience and want help and relief.

Depth Psychology: The midwife stands for needing help in the Birth of a new idea.


Mystic Dream Book

This portends news of a birth; also the discovery of a secret.


Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a midwife symbolize that you have support to assist you through the birthing process of a new chapter of your life, a new creative project, a new relationship, or a new incarnation of yourself. See Birth, Infant, Delivery and Angel.