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Loaves | Dream Meanings

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Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- In less sophisticated times bread, because it was made from grain, was also a fit offering for the gods. It was formed into loaves which then became symbols of fertility, nourishment and life. This symbolism remains visible today at Harvest and Jewish festivals. In dreams, loaves can represent our need for nourishment.

2- The Biblical parable of five loaves and two fishes signifies the principle of being fed through caring. In most cultures, the sharing of a loaf denotes friendship. It can have the same significance in dreams.

3- Spiritually the loaf represents the Bread of Life, the love of God and charity in the sense of caring.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of loaves of bread, denotes frugality.

If they be of cake, the dreamer has cause to rejoice over his good fortune, as love and wealth will wait obsequiously upon you. Broken loaves, bring discontent and bickerings between those who love.

To see loaves multiply phenomenally, prognosticates great success. Lovers will be happy in their chosen ones. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

The Complete Dream Book

Loaves of cake are an omen of riches, both in money and in love, unless they are broken.

Loaves of bread signify plenty, but they are not particularly significant of success in love, for they betoken a very matter-of-fact existence.... The Complete Dream Book