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Knowledge Dream Meanings

What does Knowledge mean in dream?

Knowledge | Dream Meanings

(See Keeping a secret; Secretary)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Spiritual knowledge and awareness can develop gradually.

If we are prepared to allow it, this knowledge can come intuitively through dreams.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: In dreams we often know something without being sure of how we do. Many believe that in the dream state we have easier access to the collective unconscious – the repository of all knowledge – than when we are awake.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
Material aspects: In mundane terms knowledge and experience go hand in hand. In dreams the mind may trigger an association, which allows us to reach viable conclusions.

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
İnstruction, warnings, revelations, etc., Are to prevent one from perishing for the lack of knowledge

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
(Bread; Learning; Wall) To see oneself acquiring knowledge in a dream means marriage and rising in status. Such a wedding will be announced publicly.

If one earns a title of recognition, or if he becomes renowned, or if he is awarded a great prize for his work in a dream, it means glad tidings of a beautiful son he will beget and who will follow his father’s footsteps, learn his trade, or work at spreading his father’s knowledge or traditions, or he may govern or lead after him.

To learn about God Almighty, or about the prophetic traditions of His Messenger, upon whom be peace, in a dream means being encompassed with God’s mercy and subtle kindness.

To learn about sorcery, black magic or similar arts in a dream mean following innovation and walking the path of heedlessness. (Also see Learning)

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(See Scholars)

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