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Knocking Hearing Dream Meanings

What does Knocking Hearing mean in dream?

Knocking (hearing) | Dream Meanings

Spiritually, hearing clearly suggests being able to understand what is being said or conveyed to us.

To be able to hear is somewhat different to listening, which suggests assimilating information at the same time.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: Sound suggests a particular vibration is created and hearing that we have responded to that vibration. In dreams this can occur on a psychic level when we are conscious on waking that our perception has altered.

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Material aspects: In practical terms a hearing in a legal sense suggests that we will be listened to and understood. Not to be able to hear in dreams suggests an unwillingness to listen, whereas someone not hearing us suggests that we need to alter the way we are communicating.

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(See Speaking)

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Dreams of hearing sounds or words demonstrate great sensitivity in the dreamer; clairaudience, the gift of hearing your inner guidance or being psychically led via your sense of hearing words and sounds. Consider the words that you hear as a literal message from your subconscious mind.

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To dream that you can’t hear or understand what someone is saying, means you need to pay closer attention to what people tell you. This dream also suggests that you are feeling left out of things.

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(See Invisible caller)

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Dreaming of assistance to hearing represents a desire to hear beyond the spoken words, and read between the lines. You are grappling with your difficulty in hearing or listening to people’s criticism, gossip or negativity. See Deaf.

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(Cabinet; Council; Court; Inquisitional court) If one’s name is presented before a hearing board for review, and ifhe is nominated to fill a seat in any governmental department in a dream, it means that he may satisfy the requirements of such a position.

If he loses the nomination in the dream, it means his death, or that he may never return to that building again. (Also see Exhibition; Inquisitional court)

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Messages console and uplift.

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If the athaan is heard in any other month besides the months of Hajj it means he will impart the knowledge of Deen through discourses and lectures.

The same applies to athaan heard in streets and lanes.

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To hear knocking suggests we are being given permission from our spiritual self to progress on our current journey. Some believe that it is a way of alerting the psyche to the realms of spirit.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: If we ourselves are knocking on a door, we may be wanting to become part of someone’s life, looking for a particular type of information asking for help or seeking different opportunities. We are waiting for permission before moving forward.

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Material aspects: To hear knocking in a dream generally alerts us to the fact that our attention needs to be re-focused.

For instance, we may be too introverted when in fact we need to be paying more attention to external matters.

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To hear knocking in your dreams, denotes that tidings of a grave nature will soon be received by you.

If you are awakened by the knocking, the news will affect you the more seriously.

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(See Smashing)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Symbolic of an invitation, Song. 5:2, Rev. 3:20

Christian Dream Symbols by
To hear knocking, rapping or pounding in a dream is a warning against the evil tongues of people who are seeking your downfall.

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Guard your tongue and you are well on the way to happiness.

Mystic Dream Book by
To hear knocking in your dreams (or to see someone else knocking), suggests that your unconscious is trying to attract your attention to some aspect of yourself or to some waking situation.

A new opportunity - or money - may be presented to you.

If you were doing the knocking, the dream is warning you against loose talk and trusting in shady friends.

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1. Message from the unconscious.

2. Opportu­ nity (“knocking at the door”).

3. Mystery or fear.

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If you dream that you are missing one of your five senses, it is a strong signal that you feel out of control in a real life situation. You may feel you don’t have the capability to handle a certain situation you’re in, or you may feel out of touch with reality in some way.

If you dream that one of your senses is heightened (extra strong), you will triumph in a difficult situation.

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(See Barber; Shaving)

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(See Scissors; Sheep)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
It symbolises a person’s Deen. Thus, if a person sees his hearing ability increased it suggests that he will progress in matters of Deen. But if he sees it as defective, it suggest similar defects in his Deen.

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