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Knocker Dream Meanings

What does Knocker mean in dream?

Knocker | Dream Meanings

To dream of using a knocker, foretells you will be forced to ask aid and counsel of others.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
A door knocker in a dream represents the door attendant, the announcer, a messenger, a warning guard, a security system or a guard dog. Ifthe knocker is made ofgold or silver in the dream, it represents honor and prosperity of the people of such a house. Ifone sees two door knockers at his door in a dream, it means a debt he owes to two people.

If one pulls out the door knocker, and if it brakes in his hand in the dream, it means that he follows a path of innovation. (Also see Club)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
1. Asserting ideas or desires.

2. Reaching for help from someone behind the door.

3. Female sexual symbol.

New American Dream Dictionary by
Slang word for breasts.

New American Dream Dictionary by