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Kneading Dough Dream Meanings

What does Kneading Dough mean in dream?

Kneading Dough | Dream Meanings

İmplies that one’s work is unfinished; see “bread”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
(Money) In a dream. dough means debts, money or earnings. Dough in a dream also signifies ease, comfort or awaiting the release of a prisoner, or it could mean awaiting the birth of a new child. Seeing dough in one’s house in a dream also means money and business. Ifthe dough becomes sour in the dream. it means business losses.

If one sees himself kneading a piece of dough in a dream, it means that he could expect a visitor to arrive suddenly, or it could mean the arrival of an awaited traveller. Kneading in a tight place in a dream means sodomy. Kneading in a spacious surroundings in a dream means getting married. Dough that does not rise in the dream means corruption and financial difficulties. Kneading a piece of dough from barley flour in a dream denotes an effeminate person, or it could mean rising to leadership and winning a race against one’s opponents. Seeing someone kneading dough in a dream represents a leader who cares for his subjects, a popular leader, or someone who is sincere in helping others with his words and actions. (Also see Bread)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Seeing dough in one’s dream heralds many children whom the observer will father.

If he owns fruit trees, it means the trees will bear fruit in abundance.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
1. Feelings of comfort and security.

2. Self, personal nur­turance.

3. Possible travel in the offing.

New American Dream Dictionary by
(Sweets) Eating doughnut in a dream means money earned from fun or music and it could represent an escape from a dangerous accident, or a would be fatal accident. Doughnut in a dream also could denote either sorrow and regret, or joy and happiness. Seeing a doughnut baker in a dream is a sign of escaping from danger or it could be a sign of an approaching danger.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Eating doughnuts in a dream may- signify greediness and ovenndulgent behavior. They may describe a character too consumed with money, as in “dough auis “ With a hole as its center, a doughnut may represent feelings of emptiness or a loss of what is central in your life.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
Whether you ate them, bought them, cooked them or just saw them, dreaming of doughnuts is a forecast of upcoming travel. Also see “Sprinkles”.

My Dream Interpretation by
(See Dough; Flour)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Dreams of kneading represent that you are mulling something over, contemplating a decision, sorting through your thoughts, and attempting to make sense of your circumstance. Perhaps you are coming to realize that the power to fulfill your needs is within your own hands.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
Maneuvering one’s daily provision into proper balance by clever management

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
If a person sees himself kneading dough it means he will father a great many children and his trees will bear excessive fruit and his land will yield plentiful food-but after much toiling and hard work.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
The appearance of the Pillsbury Dough Boy in a dream may announce someone who is perhaps cooking up a big surprise, such as bnnging some “big dough” or money into the house.

The Dough Boy may also signify that a guy is a real softy or softhearted.

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