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Knead Dream Meanings

What does Knead mean in dream?

Knead | Dream Meanings

As bread is the ‘staff of life’, to dream of kneading bread suggests working hard on our own lives on order that we ourselves can effect change.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: Kneading has the same symbolism as cooking: that is, combining ingredients to make something else. It also signifies working with tension to relieve pain as in massage.

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Material aspects: In waking life, the act of kneading can be therapeutic. In dreams, this significance can be highlighted, allowing us to work at a problem or resolve a difficulty.

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(See Dough; Flour)

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Dreams of kneading represent that you are mulling something over, contemplating a decision, sorting through your thoughts, and attempting to make sense of your circumstance. Perhaps you are coming to realize that the power to fulfill your needs is within your own hands.

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Maneuvering one’s daily provision into proper balance by clever management

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If a person sees himself kneading dough it means he will father a great many children and his trees will bear excessive fruit and his land will yield plentiful food-but after much toiling and hard work.

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