Dream Interpretation Jellybean | What does the Jellybean symbol mean? | Seeing Jellybean in Dream

Jellybean Dream Meanings

What does Jellybean mean in dream?

Jellybean | Dream Meanings

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of a jellybean symbolizes happiness.

The bright colors of a jellybean are joyful, they remind us of childhood. Eating a jellybean in a dream may symbolize a reconnection with your inner child.


Christian Dream Symbols

A tempting treat or colorful candy can manifest itself in a dream out of a desire for candies, Isa. 29:8. Jellybeans may also symbolize immaturity in a person


My Dream Interpretation

To dream of eating colorful jellybean suggests happiness in friendship, romance and socializing.

If you dream of receiving a gift of jellybeans, you will receive much positive attention from others.