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Inundation Dream Meanings

What does Inundation mean in dream?

Inundation | Dream Meanings

To dream of seeing cities or country submerged in dark, seething waters, denotes great misfortune and loss of life through some dreadful calamity.

To see human beings swept away in an inundation, portends bereavements and despair, making life gloomy and unprofitable.

To see a large area inundated with clear water, denotes profit and ease after seemingly hopeless struggles with fortune. See Food.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
(Torrent. See Flood)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Expect losses of all kinds.

Mystic Dream Book by
Dreams of complete saturation of an experience represents wisdom, sensitivity and deep learning.

To experience a situation to its utmost, without reservation, is part of the magic of dreams. You now have the experience of taking something in whole-heartedly that you can incorporate into your conscious state.

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