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Industry Dream Meanings

What does Industry mean in dream?

Industry | Dream Meanings

To dream that you are industrious, denotes that you will be unusually active in planning and working out ideas to further your interests, and that you will be successful in your undertakings.

For a lover to dream of being industriously at work, shows he will succeed in business, and that his companion will advance his position.

To see others busy, is favorable to the dreamer.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
A measurement of how well—or poorly—one is pursu­ing one’s goals.

New American Dream Dictionary by
Dreams of an industry represent your feelings and attitudes about your career and work. Consider whether or not you are working with your nose to the grindstone, or if you are goofing off and wanting everyone else to do your work for you. Your dream is giving you the message to find balanced as you three-dimensionalize your talents, gifts and resources. See Workaholic.

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