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Incubator Dream Meanings

What does Incubator mean in dream?

Incubator | Dream Meanings

Incubation implies bringing something into existence, or rather to a point where it can survive without assistance. Spiritually, therefore, this represents the act of creation.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: An incubator supports life that might not be viable otherwise, so from an emotional perspective will represent a new emotion which needs careful nurturing, such as love for someone else.

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Material aspects: In everyday terms, when we are incubating a new idea or project we may find that our dreams include just such an image.

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Gives gender - specific: As a woman becomes used to becoming pregnant she may have dreams that hold an image such as an incubator. This does not suggest that her baby will be ill, simply that she is aware of herself in that role as the baby grows.

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(Brooder; Hatchery) In a dream, seeing an incubator or a hatchery means marriage, progeny, suspicion, a bastard son, a kindergarten, a theater, spectators, a park, a promenade, release from prison, an effeminate male, homosexuality, or cowardice.

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