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Ignite Ignition Dream Meanings

What does Ignite Ignition mean in dream?

Ignite / Ignition | Dream Meanings

The symbol of igniting a light or fire represents the beginning of an exploration of the spiritual realms. Kundalini – the energy of consciousness or spiritual energy – is perceived as heat at the base of the spine, which may be intensely hot or pleasantly warm. Dreams often picture a spontaneous awakening when the energy, having been ignited, travels up the spine to the top of the head, bringing certain awarenesses along the way.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: When the ignition on a car will not fire properly we have not been able to provide the emotional ‘spark’ that allows us to begin a journey or task. When a huge conflagration, such as a forest fire, is ignited in dreams it symbolizes passion. When we are reigniting a fire we must return to and perhaps adjust our original ideas.

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Material aspects: More mundanely, dreaming of igniting or lighting a fire suggests that an initial surge of energy or power is needed to start a project or task. In this case what we use to begin the burning will be important.

A match might suggest less effort than a firebrand, for instance.

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Trying to eliminate bad things.

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Start oneself up.

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The ignition of a vehicle turns on the engine and thus may reflect your ability to get moving toward your goals.

An ignition that fails to start your car may mention difficulties in getting something going.

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Dreams of an ignition are symbolic of the spark, inspiration and catalyst that you desire to get your creative juices and/or sexuality revved up.

An ignition also represents that you are preparing to start over, to begin a new project or get involved in a new romance.

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