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Idiot Dream Meanings

What does Idiot mean in dream?

Idiot | Dream Meanings

Idiots in a dream, foretells disagreements and losses.

To dream that you are an idiot, you will feel humiliated and downcast over the miscarriage of plans.

To see idiotic children, denotes affliction and unhappy changes in life.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
One may be symbolized as an idiot when they act like one

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
1. Dreaming about having mentally deficient children is a message that warns against having children; you will not make a good parent.

2. Fear that one’s intellectual abilities are lacking.

3. A target that it’s easy to express rage to without fear of reprisal.

4. If the dreamer pictures a family member as an idiot, then he/she may be thinking the family member is not under­standing them.

New American Dream Dictionary by
(See Tankard)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
To dream of being turned idiot and going mad augurs favor with princes, also gain and pleasure through things of the world (Artemidorus). An instance of the philosophical basis of certain interpretations.

The Fabric of Dream by
Fear of mental overexertion, longing for a simpler, childlike life.

A warning to live unconsciously. Also “idiot” in ancient Greece meant the “nonpolitical” common man—in other words, those who were thought to be negative because they didn’t care about the community. In addition, today we use the expression “the idiot savant,” which raises the question: what does the idiot know?

Folklore: Unexpected fortune.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
If anyone dreams that be is turned idiot, and mad, and is guilty of public extravagancies, he shall be long- lived, a favorite with hb prince, and shall gain pleasure and profit by the people.

The Complete Dream Book by
If you dream of seeing an idiot you will have much discouragement and sorrow with your family members.

If you are the idiot in your dream then you will feel humiliated over a mistake you made. Your dream of idiotic children presages illness and grief in you near future.

Encyclopedia of Dreams by
It is a good omen to dream of Idiots; some unexpected good fortune awaits you.

Mystic Dream Book by
See Fool and Clown.

Strangest Dream Explanations by