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What does Height mean in dream?

Height | Dream Meanings

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New American Dream Dictionary

1. The inner self, the spirit of an individual.

2. Goals and ambitions, gauged by the ability to reach objectives.

3. Concern over knowing what to do with success (fear of heights). ... New American Dream Dictionary

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Tallness)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Strangest Dream Explanations

Size in dreams represents importance.

The bigger something is, the more important and valuable it is to you. Dreams of something tall suggest that you are at the height of your -esteem and success.

If you are taller in your dream than you normally are, you are confident in your power, authority, and mastery.

If you are shorter in your dream than you normally are, then you are feeling a lack of confidence or importance. See Giant or Short.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Little Giant Encyclopedia

You are longing for excellence but are also afraid of overestimating your abilities. Or, don’t be satisfied with mediocrity.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

My Dream Interpretation

If you dream of being at a great height, it is a warning to avoid getting involved with a person or a group who you know are not good enough for you. Otherwise you will suffer major embarrassment. Also see “Vertigo.”... My Dream Interpretation