Dream Interpretation Gunpowder | What does the Gunpowder symbol mean? | Seeing Gunpowder in Dream

Gunpowder Dream Meanings

What does Gunpowder mean in dream?

Gunpowder | Dream Meanings

1. One is hostile toward someone.

2. One is outraged.

New American Dream Dictionary by
There is a plot developing to overthrow you; to cast you out of an important position you hold.

The plotters are people you had thought to be your friends. See also Powder Flask.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
Vision: Seeing gunpowder is a warning: stop whatever you are doing or have planned to do right away. Handling gunpowder: you are about to get involved in an adventure that is inherently dangerous. See Cannon, Shooting.

Dreamers Dictionary by
To a man, this dream means a speedy change of residence; to a girl, a wedding with a soldier

Mystic Dream Book by