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Guest Dream Meanings

What does Guest mean in dream?

Guest | Dream Meanings

Company coming; if a name is substituted for clarity, research the name

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
1. One is launching a new project, familiar or unfamiliar.

2. One does not want to face up to something.

3. Someone requires special attention.

4. A stranger coming signifies a quest for new adventures, interests or work.

5. A wish to adopt desirable per­sonality characteristics of the guest.

New American Dream Dictionary by
If one’s wife is pregnant, receiving a guest in a dream means glad tiding of a son. Otherwise, a guest in a dream means honor and fast coming money. (Also see Food; Invitation; Hospitality; Table)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
Vision: Dreaming about guests in your house means new friends. See Friend.

Dreamers Dictionary by
If you dream of being a guest, then this dream is about how comfortable you are receiving.

If you are the host to a guest you are the provider of the space. There’s always a bit of mystery and guesswork in dealing with a guest, which represents that you are feeling stiffness, awkwardness, formality and hospitality in your own home.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
To dream about guests represents new challenges and interests in your life.

If you dreamed of being a guest, you can be assured that a problem or troublesome situation in your life is only temporary.

My Dream Interpretation by
Not a fortunate dream.

The more visitors who come to you, the greater will be your business difficulties.

Mystic Dream Book by