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Gourd Dream Meanings

What does Gourd mean in dream?

Gourd | Dream Meanings

1. The womb.

2. Abundance.

New American Dream Dictionary by
(See Pumpkin)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
also see Vase

1- Both as a carrier of water and of sustenance, the gourd appearing in a dream may be a great deal to do with our own view of femininity and our ability to nurture. It is also the ability to link into untapped information and knowledge.

2- The gourd is often a symbol of mystery. As something unusual it can denote secret information, sustenance or nurturing. Because it is is used as a carrier after it has fruited, it can often represent the physical body.

3- A gourd can symbolise the mystery surrounding spiritual progression. At this time we may feel that there is little to go on.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary by
To dream about a gourd indicates abundance, productivity, and longevity. It also represents the female symbol for the womb.

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