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Golf Balls Dream Meanings

What does Golf Balls mean in dream?

Golf Balls | Dream Meanings

To see testicles in your dream, symbolize power, fertility or sexual drive.

The dream may refer to anxiety about your sexual attractiveness or skills. Alternatively, this dream often indicates that you will need a lot of nerve and raw energy to achieve some task.

My Dream Interpretation by
This bodes no good to either sex. You will be beset by trials that at the time will be incomprehensible.

The same applies to the shells of high-powered guns. Singly, they mean vexations; in stacks or cases, they portend real troubles.

The Complete Dream Book by
To be playing golf or watching the game, denotes that pleasant and successive wishing will be indulged in by you.

To see any unpleasantness connected with golf, you will be humiliated by some thoughtless person.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
See “game”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
1. Need to relax.

2. One’s opponent may represent another side of one’s character.

3. One’s score—good or bad—is a way of measuring one’s achievements.

New American Dream Dictionary by
Playing golf in a dream is symbolic of your life.

If you make a hole in one you are doing well.

If you are playing poorly it symbolizes a period of disorder in your life

Christian Dream Symbols by
Wealth and competition.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
also see Games

1- The game of golf can represent many things in a dream sequence. As with many games, it can represent belonging to a team, but conversely it can also represent our own individual achievement.

To be playing such a game indicates that we need freedom of movement and clarity of vision.

2- Playing golf can often represent our need to show our prowess, to be able literally to drive as far as we can, and often is used within the context of business acumen.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary by
You will live a long life and will have the opportunity to correct many mistakes that you have made.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
Golf is a leisure sport in which one plays either nine or eighteen holes. In numerology, nine is the number of completion and an ending cycle. Thus, golf may mention that you are ready to retire from work or from some sense of duty. It may express a desire for a more leisure-filled life.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
To dream of making a good score in golf is indicative of business success.

The Complete Dream Book by
To dream of playing golf indicates that your business affairs need close attention to save them from going to ruin.

The Complete Dream Book by
Depth Psychology: Would you like to be around wealthy people? Do you want to travel in “better company”? This dream is an indication of a superficial lifestyle that is ruled by money—and often cold calculations.

Dreamers Dictionary by
To dream that you are spending your time playing games, is a warning that your business affairs need attention.

Mystic Dream Book by
Dreams of golf signify that you are focused and concentrated on your goals and desires. You have a desire to be in the zone. See Sports and Zone.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
See games

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
To dream that you are playing or watching golf signifies pleasant activities. Also see “Golf Balls” and “Golf Cart”, below.

My Dream Interpretation by
In a dream, a golf bag represents the keeper of one’s secrets, or it could represent one’s mistress.

If any of its contents are exposed, or ifthey peak from its opening end in the dream, it means divulging one’s secrets.

A gulf bag in a dream also represents the carrier who turns against his employer or betrays him.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
(See Ball)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
To dream about golf balls represents your worries about wasting time on something.

My Dream Interpretation by
To dream of driving a golf cart suggests that you are not sure what direction you should be headed in your life. You’re anxious about wasting your time on idle pursuits, while others know where they’re going in life.

My Dream Interpretation by
Dreams of golf clubs represent your will and ability to get into the swing of things. Within a golf bag are several different types of clubs that are appropriate for the various situations presented within the game of golf. This is symbolic of the variety of inner resources that you have at your fingertips to apply to the variety of challenges presented within the game of life. See Golf.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
To dream of playing this game denotes a busy life at home.

Mystic Dream Book by
To eat meatballs in a dream is to feel comforted and close to home.

To make meatballs in a dream is to collect your thoughts. You may be forming a new idea. Alternatively, to eat a meatball which you made in your dream symbolizes saving the idea for later.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
A dream involving meatballs represents competition and rivalry for the things you want most.

My Dream Interpretation by
To dream about mini-golf represents your worries about wasting time on something.

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