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Godzilla Dream Meanings

What does Godzilla mean in dream?

Godzilla | Dream Meanings

1. Desire to be a great baseball player (à la hideki matsui of the new york yankees).

2. If one imagines oneself as godzilla, one thinks of him/herself as very powerful.

3. If godzilla is an enemy, one deeply fears whomever the character represents in life.

4. Fear of some great evil.

5. Facing godzilla means facing one’s fears.

6. Fears are out of control.

New American Dream Dictionary by
Seeing the cartoonish character of godzilla in a dream is pure fantasy and has no significance as for as the dreamers life and fortunes. It is mainly for entertainment, but, if you are frightened, or happy, you could use these emotions to guide you with the rest of the dream.

Encyclopedia of Dreams by
To see Godzilla in your dream signifies feelings of being out of control. You are letting your situation get the best of you.

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