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Glacier Dream Meanings

What does Glacier mean in dream?

Glacier | Dream Meanings

Realize that the greatest part of people is beneath the surface.

New American Dream Dictionary by
See Ice.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
Vision: Standing—as a man—with your wife or girlfriend on top of a glacier means that you will soon separate or divorce. Standing alone on a glacier: adversaries are behind you—now deal with your emotions. Standing at the foot of a glacier: your present situation is uncertain.

Depth Psychology: A glacier in a dream usually stands for repressed emotions and fears, pardv of “frozen” feelings. Don’t wait until an Avalanche comes crashing down, burying you. See Ice.

Dreamers Dictionary by
To dream about a glacier indicates your unemotional feelings. You are closing down your emotions.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
See Frozen.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
See ice / iceberg / icicles

Dream Meanings of Versatile by
To see a glacier in your dream symbolizes your cold feelings. You are shutting down emotionally.

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