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Genitals Dream Meanings

What does Genitals mean in dream?

Genitals | Dream Meanings

Represents one’s ability to produce or create a new beginning; research details; see “baby”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Attitude toward sexual activities: puritanical, open, etc.

New American Dream Dictionary by
This is an obvious sexual dream which brings out your attitudes and concerns in regard to your sexuality.

If you are feeling guilty, stressed or concerned about your sexual activities (or a lack of them), they will be reinforced in these explicit dreams containing sexual organs.

If you are dreaming about the sexual organs of other people, you may be concerned about their sexuality or other troubling issues that are surrounding them. Dreaming about sexual organs usually has something to do with sex --BUT not necessarily, so consider all the details.

The Bedside Dream Dictionary by
Direct reference to sexual aspect of self. See penis and vagina under body; castration.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences by
also see Body

1- To dream of our own genitals has a direct reference to our own sexuality.

To dream of being mutilated could refer to cither past or present abuse.

2- Dreaming of someone else’s genitals cither indicates our involvement with that person’s sexuality, or. if of the opposite sex, our need to understand the hidden side of ourselves.

3- Our awareness of the physical self” within a spiritual framework.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary by
To dream of your genitals indicates your opinions and attitudes toward sex, sexuality, masculinity, and femininity. This dream can also indicate potential difficulties you may have with faithfulness and/or satisfaction.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
Dreams about genitals represent sexuality, reproduction, life force, sexual feelings, desire, vulnerability, mating, and pleasure.

If you dream of the genitals of someone that you are attracted to, then this dream represents your connection to them and desire for a more intimate exchange. However, if you dream of seeing the genitals of someone you don’t like or are unattracted to, then this dream may be helping you to process or vent out a traumatic sexual experience. See Penis, Vagina, Testes, Ovaries and Sex.

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