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Gemini Dream Meanings

What does Gemini mean in dream?

Gemini | Dream Meanings

As in the zodiac, represents vivacity, youthfulness, alert­ ness and versatility.

New American Dream Dictionary by
(astr. See Moon)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
The sign of the twins, Gemini evokes the unification of opposites or two aspects of the personality In a dream. Gemini may announce someone who possesses a strong intellect and good communication skills but who may be indecisive and flighty.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
Dreams of the astrological sign Gemini symbolizes twins, which could be suggesting that you are dealing with two-faced gossip or dealing with your inner polarities: from happy/sad, to extroverted/introverted, to masculine/feminine, to child/elder, etc. See Goddess Persephone.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
The symbol is the twins (often shown as masculine and feminine) and it governs the shoulders, arms and hands.

The colour associated with the sign is yellow; its specific gemstones are agate and beryl.

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