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Gardening Dream Meanings

What does Gardening mean in dream?

Gardening | Dream Meanings

1. Planting ideas (planting seeds).

2. Learning from ex­perience (picking fruit).

3. Pruning roses relates to love or sex life.

4. Ridding oneself of any excess.

5. Satisfied with one’s life.

6. Growing healthier psychologically.

New American Dream Dictionary by
Tending your garden may reveal the stage a: which you are fulfilling your plans for the future. It may mention that you are putting a lot of energy into your dreams, or it can reflect that there is still a lot of work to do.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
To dream of yourself gardening indicates a time of positive and grounded action from which good things will occur.

To be pruning back overgrown bushes may indicate the introduction of a new family member.

To be planting small plants or seeds is a great sign of a comfortable and fruitful future

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