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Froth Dream Meanings

What does Froth mean in dream?

Froth | Dream Meanings

This image is connected to the Venus symbol, Water and Air fusing emotion and intellect and representing redemption.

The same symbol, however, might reveal a tendency toward unrealistic ideas and plans—”the hot air merchant”—indicating a tendency to blow things out of proportion, to exaggerate; or it may simply point to necessary cleansing.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
(See Foam)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
A short happiness gained at great cost.

Mystic Dream Book by
Vision: Eating something frothy or taking a bubble bath: you are very idealistic, and in your love life you are easily deceived.

Depth Psychology: See Bath, Soap.

Dreamers Dictionary by
Frothing at the mouth in a dream means excitement, madness or infuriation in wakefulness. (Also see Foam)

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