Dream Interpretation Freeway | What does the Freeway symbol mean? | Seeing Freeway in Dream

Freeway Dream Meanings

What does Freeway mean in dream?

Freeway | Dream Meanings

1. The flow of forward progress, the ability to realize goals and ambitions.

2. A lack of inhibitions, sense of “freedom.”

New American Dream Dictionary by
Riding down the freeway may comment that you have chosen an independent or even irresponsible approach to life. Depending on which direction you are heading—north toward one’s vision, east toward spiritual attainment, south toward materialism and transformation, or west toward playful expression—you may find the journey a quick route.

A crowded freeway may comment on feelings that others are crowding you.

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
A freeway represents the need for speed, and that you are on the fast track to success. You may be feeling impatient for the quickest route from A-B.

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