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Fragrance Dream Meanings

What does Fragrance mean in dream?

Fragrance | Dream Meanings

A pleasing new acquaintance is predicted by dreaming of a sweet odor.

The Complete Dream Book by
It is a good sign to dream of a pleasant perfume, but the results will not be very serious—some small success is indicated.

Mystic Dream Book by
See Smell.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
First, check to find out if you were smelling a real fragrance during sleep. Dreaming about fragrances is very rare.

If you do, it is usually a sign that you are enjoying life and your sensuality.

The type of fragrance indicates how you feel about the subject or object that gives off the fragrance (there are some smells we simply can t stand).

It was not only Freud who insisted that fragrances are very effective in bringing back memories of places and people.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
(See Smell)

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