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Fraction Fragment Dream Meanings

What does Fraction Fragment mean in dream?

Fraction / Fragment | Dream Meanings

Any fragmentation perceived from a spiritual perspective suggests that integration has not yet taken place or has broken down. We have only partial information available to us.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: When we recognize that we can see only a fraction or fragment of a dream object we need to take further action to gain control of emotions and feelings associated with whatever is represented.

The shape of the fragment might be relevant.

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Material aspects: It may be unusual to be aware of fractions in dreams except in the sense of ‘things half-done’ however, when allowing dreams to help us work through our problems fractions and fragments become much more relevant.

A dream in three parts may give us the information we need.

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(see Arithmetic, Calculators, Numbers)

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Vision: Looking at something broken or breaking something: your present pleasant situation will take a turn for the worse due to your own actions. Breaking porcelain: the “old” is swept away to make room for the “new.”

Depth Psychology: There is a saying that “broken dishes mean good luck,” and that is true for dreams, too, but sometimes the dream may be a warning against too much exuberance: hopes and wishes can be as fragile as glass. Was it broken Glass or broken Porcelain?

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