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Foreign Dream Meanings

What does Foreign mean in dream?

Foreign | Dream Meanings

Alien culture; the enemy only if from an enemy nation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
Dreams of anyone or anything foreign denote that you are expanding your horizons. When you remove yourself from your day-To-day life, and explore new and foreign terrain, you are able to bring back a wealth of information and perspective that enriches and benefits your life. This dream also denotes that you may be feeling out of your element, away from your tribe; you are in the midst of a transition, learning and discovering aspects of yourself you never knew existed. As you evolve, you may be feeling unfamiliar in your own skin, going through an identity crisis; you are not who you used to be and you are not yet who you are becoming. Keep in mind that wherever you go, home resides within you. See Alien and Travel.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
To dream of a foreign place or country suggests that the realization of your heart’s desire is closer than you imagine. Persevere and have patience! A foreigner in your dream, whatever the nationality, is a positive omen if he or she was friendly.

My Dream Interpretation by
Different attitude; different mental or emotional ‘climate’ than one’s norm. One’s personal associa­tions or ideas about any particular country need to be ex­plored. Use the questions in dream processing. See abroad.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences by
see Places

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary by
Depth Psychology: Dreaming about being in a foreign country might mean that a situation, a person, a project, or one of your own character traits has not yet been acknowledged; you are still trying to figure things out. Maybe the dream refers to a past travel experience?

Dreamers Dictionary by
The Other, the foreigner.

The dreamer must deal with the confrontation of something new.

A foreign country always is the “foreign land” within ourselves.

A trip abroad and vacation when overworked. What does the foreign land symbolize to you?

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
Your happiness lies at home.

Mystic Dream Book by
If the foreign country was one that you have either been to and loved, or always wanted to visit, this is a sign that the attainment of your heart’s desire is closer than you think. It also means that you should keep working on it and not be discouraged in spite of any setbacks.

If the foreign country is strange, or the people unfriendly, or if it’s a country where violence, war, and other unfavorable situations are occurring, then something or someone in your life is leading you into strange and unfamiliar territory which could at the very least make you uncomfortable. Think twice before allowing yourself to be tempted into circumstances that you know nothing about.

Dream Explanations of Astro Center by
The speech of Other; also the unknown part of ourselves. Something is not understood, or you are unwilling to understand. Your task lies in the translation and therefore the understanding of the unknown and the foreign. Should you show more understanding? Or are you too understanding?

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
If the foreigner was friendly and jovial, and if you liked him or her, this is an omen of good times ahead no matter what the foreigner’s nationality was.

If he was unfriendly and hostile, however, it is still an omen of good times ahead, but of hitting a number of dead ends before you reach your goals.

Dream Explanations of Astro Center by
1. Misunderstanding, usually due to inability or awk­wardness in communication.

2. Retrieving something lost.

3. Aspect of personality never seen before.

New American Dream Dictionary by
To dream of Foreigners is usually considered very fortunate for your love affairs.

Mystic Dream Book by
One function of dreams is to bring aspects of our thinking or feeling, which may be ill defined, towards clarification. Foreign or strange language may therefore illustrate something which is being communi­cated to us from within, but is still not clear.

The uncon­scious, as in speaking in tongues—glossolalia—and of course in dreams, frequently moves towards clear awareness in stages.

The strange language is a halfway house, as is a dream.

If we bring focused attention to these, as explained in dream processing, the next step, clear verbal expression, can be reached. Speaking in language we are learning: the language is becoming habitual, making it possible to think in it. See speaking.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences by
1. Reverse: happiness, contentment.

2. Feeling as if a friend has been lost.

3. Domestic difficulties.

New American Dream Dictionary by