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Flattery Dream Meanings

What does Flattery mean in dream?

Flattery | Dream Meanings

Unmerited praise used to deceive

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
(Excessive admiration or adulation of someone in a dream.) Ingratiating oneselfto someone for worldly profits, or to gain access to knowledge, or to find ajob to help him better apply his religious obligations in a dream means honor, correcting one’s religious practices or attaining one’s spiritual goals. It also means evil consequences if one does not usually strive after such needs, or if he presents his needs too favorably, or ifhe does so in a dream soliciting favors from a woman he knows. It also means escaping from the dangers of his enemy. However, flaterry and ingratiating oneselfto others in a dream also could mean giving preference to others’ needs over one’s own, trueness and being charitable. (Also see Adulation)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
If someone unduly flatters you, the Gypsies say it means that you are feeling very good about yourself, but beware of becoming egotistical.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
Vision: If someone is flattering you, it is a warning about negative influences around you.

Dreamers Dictionary by
This is much the same as Falsehood, for all Flattery is insincere and unreliable. It is a dream of contrary.

If someone is Flattering you, then expect trouble or disappointment.

Mystic Dream Book by