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Fist Dream Meanings

What does Fist mean in dream?

Fist | Dream Meanings

To dream of a fist is symbolic of aggression and anger, Ex. 21:18

Christian Dream Symbols by
Vision: Seeing a clenched fist in front of your face: an enemy is planning to attack you.

If you are raising a fist against someone else: you want to be in the limelight, be in front.

If you were able to remove an obstacle with your fist: you have the strength to make many things possible.

Depth Psychology: The fist is a symbol of Aggression, strife, and internal tension. It is a warning of danger, conflicts, and arrogance. See Hand, Thumb.

Dreamers Dictionary by
Dreams of a fist represent anger, aggressiveness, intimidation, arrogance, stress, and preparation for a fight, restraining anger, and feeling powerful. You are in a power struggle, machismo, strength, combat, competition and intimidation. See Fight.

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(See Punch)

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