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Fields Dream Meanings

What does Fields mean in dream?

Fields | Dream Meanings

To walk through them augurs trouble and pain to the dreamer (Gypsy) ; distinctly gypsy symbolism, in view of the penalties attached to damaging the farmer’s crops.

The Fabric of Dream by
Fertile fields, a dream of prosperity; barren fields, disappointment (Gypsy) ; a symbolical dream.

The Fabric of Dream by
If the fields are overgrown and wild, you will lose control of things unless you get down to a lot of hard work.

If the fields are ploughed, you will have a wonderful opportunity to “plant seeds.11 If the fields are rich with harvest, you will receive abundance.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary by
To dream of fields and pleasant places, shows to a man that he will marry a discreet, chaste, and beautiful wife, and that she will bear him very handsome children.

And to a woman it betokens a loving and prudent husband, by whom she shall have be&utifui children.

The Complete Dream Book by
Fortunate happenings of a personal character —agreeable and pleasant friends, hospitality, and merrymaking.

Mystic Dream Book by
Very great prosperity.

To walk in green fields shows great happiness and wealth. Everything happens good. Scorched fields denote poverty.

Indian Interpretation of Dreams by
(See Crop)

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