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Fever Dream Meanings

What does Fever mean in dream?

Fever | Dream Meanings

To dream that you are stricken with this malady, signifies that you are worrying over trifling affairs while the best of life is slipping past you, and you should pull yourself into shape and engage in profitable work.

To dream of seeing some of your family sick with fever, denotes temporary illness for some of them. See Illness.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by
1. Possible illness.

2. A rise in passions or anger, loss of con­trol, feeling consumed.

3. Fearful but small concerns and anxi­eties grow disproportionate, overwhelming.

New American Dream Dictionary by
In a dream, a fever means paying one’s debts, for fever in wakefulness is an atonement for sins. Fever in a dream also means a threat and a menace.

If one sees someone he knows suffering from fever in a dream, it means that he will get involved in a business that will require him to lose his religious commitment. Fever in a dream also means wearing the garment of a revered person. Fever is the messenger of the angel of death and his warner. It reminds the person to repent before death comes and to corrects his conduct with his Lord before meeting Him.

A feverish shiver in a dream means negligence and disdain regarding one’s religious duties.

If one sees that he died and was washed and shrouded in preparation for burial in a dream, it means that he is persistent in indulging in sins and that he is careless about the consequences. Such a warning is only seen in a dream by an insolent sinner, if he is lucky. Fever in a dream also may connote entering a bathhouse or a sauna and suffering therein from heat, exhaustion and thirst. (Also see Bathhouse)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
A person sick with a fever can be symbolic of a sinful lifestyle, Lev. 26:16

Christian Dream Symbols by
An evil dream of ambitious desires, extravagance, etc. (Gypsy) ; the restlessness and delirium accompanying fever would justify this interpretation of a dream undoubtedly attributable to the physical condition.

The Fabric of Dream by
Having a fever in a dream may indicate a physical illness that you are attempting to clear during the dream state.

A fever may also suggest the desire for romance, as in “spring fever.”

Ariadne's Book of Dream by
To dream of having a fever is a portent of happenings that will be worrisome but not serious.

The Complete Dream Book by
Vision: Dreaming about fever means that you are living out unconscious fears. Fever dreams mean that the unconscious is hard at work dealing with repressed emotions or fears. Sometimes it signals illness. Dreaming of having a fever means uncertain times for your love life or friendships.

If someone else has a fever, it means losing a friend.

Depth Psychology: If illness can be excluded, you might have a case of “feverish” passion for someone, but beware—passionate fires burn out quickly!

Dreamers Dictionary by
Dreams of a fever symbolize anger and that you are burning up with resentment, anger or passion.

Strangest Dream Explanations by
If you dream of having a fever, you worry over trivial matters while life is passing you by.

My Dream Interpretation by
This is generally looked upon as an omen of contrary meaning.

If you dream that you are 111, you can rest assured that your health is good.

Mystic Dream Book by
In a dream, a feverish chill represents a woman with leadership quality who serves people and from whose contributions, or through her,one will earn his money. What may develop because of a feverish chill in the dream will be her share in wakefulness. (Also see Fever)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
To dream of scarlet fever, foretells you are in danger of sickness, or in the power of an enemy.

To dream a relative dies suddenly with it, foretells you will be overcome by villainous treachery.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation by