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Female Dream Meanings

What does Female mean in dream?

Female | Dream Meanings

This symbol often appears when the dreamer is longing to get married. It indicates the transformation from a girl to a woman. It points to the head and consciousness. See Helmet.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
The other “mother” who is not trying to educate and punish, but the woman who cares for you, spoils you, and does not discipline you. In addition, this dream symbol also shows the inner power of the woman and her ability for transformation. See Cooking, Kettle.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
If a person sees a daughter born to him it means he will soon find relief from his difficulties and he will receive plentiful sustenance.

The same applies to purchasing a female slave.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
A literal female or a male with effeminate qualities

Dream Dictionary Unlimited by
1. The feminine side of self.

2. Intuition, gut feelings.

New American Dream Dictionary by
See Woman. Mother, Daughter and Sister.

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(See Old woman)

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
It presents a Bedouin woman.

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He will marry a beautiful woman.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
they represent men, women and slave-girls.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
1. Deep desire to please one’s partner.

2. Desire for uninhibited or forbidden sex.

New American Dream Dictionary by
Comfort, sympathy, fear of pain, Illness, and Death. Anticipating problems ahead and looking for a way out, for advice and help. May also stand for general improvement and stabilization.

A symbol of masculinity, of a wise man, wise woman, or an emancipated female. Authority and wealth. Try—in the dream—to talk to the physician and ask questions about the situation.

The answers can serve as an important clue, not only to your health.

If the dreamer is the physician, he or she wants to have control over life and Death.

According to Freud, also a symbol for eroticism.

The physician is a person that we stand before naked.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
the mre seeing of a female mule in one’s dream represents a person’s honour, status, respectability and high standing in the community.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
The milk of a female mule does not augur well for the one who drinks it. Though he will receive some good he will experience much hardships depending on how much milk he had drunk.

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