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Fashion Designer Dream Meanings

What does Fashion Designer mean in dream?

Fashion Designer | Dream Meanings

Personal style or vanity, as in Jewelry and Mask.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
If you dreamed about a fashion designer, you may be wasting your time on unworthy activities.

If you were the one designing fashions, you will have to change your approach in order to achieve the social status or attention from others that you want.

My Dream Interpretation by
If you dream of being at a fashion show, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed or pressured in real life. Give yourself a break and try to express any pent-up feelings to a good friend.

If you dream of being in a fashion show and things go well, it’s a positive omen that you are feeling confident about your position in the world and in yourself.

If you dream of being in a fashion show where things go wrong, or you trip or have a disaster, you are feeling insecure about the way other people see you. You may also be nervous that someone will find out that you lied about something recently.

My Dream Interpretation by
To dream that you are studying the Fashions, either in a magazine, or in the shop windows, is a sign of some small change, either for good or ilL

Mystic Dream Book by
Symbolic of someone who has an eye for beauty, art, and tasteful things

Christian Dream Symbols by
Conflict with conventional norms, accommodation, and vanity. Due to an inferiority complex you are trying to create ideal beauty; or emotional certainty about your own beauty.

Little Giant Encyclopedia by
To dream of wearing Old-fashioned clothes signifies dissension in your home life. Be firm, but not angry.

Mystic Dream Book by