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Fang Dream Meanings

What does Fang mean in dream?

Fang | Dream Meanings

They all symbolise one’s enemies.

The size and strength of such animals is the deciding factor for the strength and power of such enemies.

And Allah knows best.

Islamic Dream Interpretation by
1. Feelings of danger or need of defense.

2. A sense that serious difficulties or troubles are in the offing.

3. Use caution to avoid harsh or hurtful words.

New American Dream Dictionary by
Lies, wickedness, Ps. 58:6

Christian Dream Symbols by
To dream about fangs suggests that you have said something that caused others pain.

Dream Symbols and Analysis by
To see fangs in your dream - whether it was you or someone else who had them - indicates that you have said some words that have been hurtful to others.

My Dream Interpretation by