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Expose Dream Meanings

What does Expose mean in dream?

Expose | Dream Meanings

One fears one’s secrets will be exposed.

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Exposure has two connotations spiritually.

The first suggests vulnerability and the second the ability to reveal – for instance, a truth.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: When we feel exposed in dreams it suggests that we have been made emotionally vulnerable, that the defences we put up have been stripped away.

To expose an object or information ourselves suggests that something is hidden that will be revealed.

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Material aspects: When a particular task or project is not going well, we may find our self doubts prevent us from making progress.

A dream that helps us deal with these doubts and fears often has elements of exposure in them, such as digging for treasure or emptying a cupboard.

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Gives gender - specific: Of necessity in relationships, we have to open up to someone else. In both men and women this may lead to dreams of exposure.

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